My 2017 Advent reading plans


Thanksgiving is now behind us, which means my Instagram has been flooded with tree decorating photos.[1. Seriously guys, do y’all not realize that it’s not December 14th yet?] As a family, we’re not there yet. We’ve got a few weeks before the hardcore Christmas-ing happens in our apartment. But we are getting ready to prepare our hearts with Advent readings.

Last year, we read¬†The Expected One¬†by my friend Scott James together around the dinner table, and we loved the experience, so much so that we’ll undoubtedly do it again. I’m also likely to revisit Russ Ramsey’s wonderful¬†Behold the Lamb of God¬†as it was such a blessing last time around.

As for new books, Hudson adores The Littlest Watchman¬†so we’ll be reading that repeatedly over the next‚Ķ oh, two or three months, no doubt. Desiring God’s Good News of Great Joy devotional may make it into the rotation. And one final book I’m adding to the list is actually one about one of my favorite stories,¬†A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Mr Dickens and His Christmas Carol by Samantha Silva is an interesting take on the classic tale that places Dickens in a Scrooge-esque role. I don’t normally for this kind of novel, so hopefully it’s an enjoyable companion on my commute in December.

Do you have any must-read books for the Christmas season? Share them with me on Twitter or Facebook!

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