A verse a day won’t keep the devil away


…serious Christians must recapture the Bible-reading habits of some earlier generations. No longer should we be happy with slogans such as “A verse a day keeps the devil away”; still less should we be happy with whatever spiritual nourishment we receive from public meetings while we ourselves do not transform our minds (Rom. 12:1) with the Word of God. Even within the church, there is rising biblical illiteracy. The impact of the cultural pressures upon us, not least from the media, is so devastatingly great that only a mind steeped in thinking God’s thoughts after him will begin to withstand the onslaught.

What this demands of every believer who can read is devoted, reverent, disciplined reading and rereading of the Word of God, a reading discharged in an attitude of eager attentiveness. And what such reading presupposes is time. I am not trying to impose a new legalism. I am sadly aware that it is possible to read the Bible a great deal and merely become self-righteous or wallow in unbelief; but I doubt that it is possible to obey the first command without reading the Bible a great deal.

D.A. Carson, Love in Hard Places (Kindle location 302)

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