American History Pop Quiz, Hot Shot!

As you all know, Dave loves history (almost as much as he loves cats). And because I am a Canadian, he and Scarlet both wanted to help me learn more about American history, in the hopes that I can someday pass a citizenship test. So, we thought, why not have Thomas Kidd join us to help with both?

Listen in as we discuss:

  • Is there really more that can be said about some of these well-known historical figures?
  • Why we need to be careful to not read back in our views and context into the past
  • Why he is (and we all should be) fascinated by the biblicism of Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin
  • Great modern history writers
  • A book Scarlet is endorsing
  • And, of course, whether Dr. Kidd enjoys the West Wing

Thomas S. Kidd teaches history at Baylor University, and is Associate Director of Baylor’s Institute for Studies of Religion. Dr. Kidd writes at the Evangelical History blog at The Gospel Coalition. He also regularly contributes for outlets such as WORLD Magazine, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal. His recent books include Benjamin Franklin: The Religious Life of a Founding Father; George Whitefield: America’s Spiritual Founding Father; and Baptists in America: A History, with co-author Barry Hankins. 

A few of the books we mentioned this week

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Posted by Aaron Armstrong

Aaron is the author of several books including the Big Truths Bible Storybook, Epic Devotions, Awaiting a Savior: The Gospel, the New Creation, and the End of Poverty, and Contend: Defending the Faith in a Fallen World. His next book, published by Lexham Press, will release in Spring 2023.