Becoming an Author, Endorsing a Book vs a Person, & the Story You Need to Tell

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At long last, Nancy Guthrie joins us in the studio this week! Nancy is a Bible teacher, host of Help Me Teach the Bible, and the author of many books, including the upcoming Saints and Scoundrels in the Story of Jesus, which we’ll talk about a bit next episode. But this week, we’re talking about a lot of different and important topics, including:

  • Nancy’s history in publishing—from publicist to author—and how it made her a better writer
  • Why we should thank the author of The Total Woman (Google that one, y’all) for encouraging Nancy to start writing
  • Nancy’s rules for endorsing books
  • The difference between being a theological thinker and being theologically driven
  • The value of physical vs digital books as a learner
  • Why your story may not be meant to be in a book—even if everyone is telling you to write one

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A few of the books we mentioned on this episode:

And be sure to check out all of Nancy’s books on Amazon or wherever you purchase your books (but if you go with Amazon, you’ll be supporting the show, so there’s that).

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