Life is More than Mountaintop Experiences

Many Christians define their faith by mountaintop experiences; times when they feel most intimate with God. These are good, but we have to remember that God doesn’t just meet us on the mountaintops. He is with us in the valleys and plains, too.

You Can’t Appease the Unreasonable

When people are unreasonable, it is tempting to appease them. But we shouldn’t because it doesn’t work. Instead, we need to understand what motivates unreasonableness, and what we can do about it.

Protect yourself from cynicism

When we look at the world, and even the church, it’s hard not to become skeptical, even cynical. While the temptation is real, how do we protect ourselves from cynicism?

Pause and join in the chorus

As we celebrate Christmas, whether we celebrate in joy or in sorrow, we are invited to join in the song the universe sings—the song of God’s love revealed in the incarnation of Jesus.