I’m writing a book on marriage!

Over the last five years, approximately 18,000 new marriage books were written by Christian authors. And in these books, we’ve been given an astonishingly consistent message: Dudes need to discover the meaning of real momentary marriages. That our souls will mingle as friends and lovers as we sacrifice all for our wives, which is you can expect in marriage as two sinners take the journey to “you and me forever.”

As long as we’ve got a regularly scheduled date night, of course.

But y’know something? That just seems like a lot of work. And when I look at all the marriage advice, and I look at my own marriage, the two don’t really line up.

That’s when I realized, I had uncovered the secret. I’ve discovered what no one really wants you to know: You can have a fantastic marriage without all the work. You just have to realize how low the bar is. And that’s where my new book, The Bar is Low: 12 Steps to a Happier Marriage (By Doing Almost Nothing) comes in.

The Bar Is Low (Cover)

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In this book, you’ll find 12 of the most counter-intuitive and life-changing actions that will revolutionize your marriage with minimal effort, including:

  • Watching your own kids for more than an hour;
  • Going grocery shopping and bringing home real food and not (just) candy;
  • Not complaining about dinner during dinner; and
  • Telling your wife she looks nice today.

What are people saying?

“Wow. This book has absolutely revolutionized my marriage. I used to always feel like a failure, but now I see that I am absolutely crushing it in my marriage. I recommend The Bar Is Low to anyone who wants to do more without doing more.”

Stephen Altrogge, author of multiple books, blogger at The Blazing Center

“I’ve long wished for a book that tells me how to have a better marriage without putting any work into it! In this book, you’ll find all you need to avoid putting forward useless effort and inefficient energy in a relationship!”

Trevin Wax, author of Clear Winter Nights

“I’m so excited about this book that I’ve photocopied many pages and taped them around the apartment. We all need reminders that the bar really is low! Get your limbo on and buy this book!”

Gloria Furman, author of Missional Motherhood

“The modern husband lives a busy life in a busy world, and the very last thing he needs is to to burn himself out tending the home fires. What he needs is to let himself off the hook and to set the bar low. Aaron Armstrong is a man who models complacency and mediocrity in marriage and in that way he is ideally suited to write this book.”

Tim Challies, author of Visual Theology and Do More Better

“This is genius and cutting edge marriage advice, how “doing nothing” taps into our inner passivity and keeps marriages strong. First Seinfield has a show about nothing, then Armstrong has a book about doing nothing. Get this book and see your marriage revolutionized forever.”

Daniel Darling, author of The Original Jesus

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“As a lifelong underachiever, this is the book I’ve been waiting for. Now I can do very little while feeling like I’m doing a lot. It’s a win for everybody. If you are like me and find your lazy self wanting a pick me up, this book is for you.”

Courtney Reissig, author of The Accidental Feminist

“I’ve read dozens of marriage books that promise a better relationship if ‘you follow these 5 steps’. However, I’ve always found ‘doing more’ exhausting. Armstrong has done us all a favor with The Bar Is Low: 12 Steps to a Better Marriage. It’s almost counterintuitive, ‘do less, get more’. But it works, and I didn’t even finish the book. #Thankful!”

Matt Capps, Senior Pastor, Fairview Baptist Church, Apex NC

“We’ve all heard that sometimes less is more, and when it comes to your marriage, clichés are gold. Aaron Armstrong shows us the ground-breaking reality that doing less—almost nothing!—for your marriage is actually more. It’s time to start trying less and stop trying more. Welcome to the paradox of marriage—the bar is low.”

J.A. Medders, Lead Pastor, Redeemer Church, Tomball TX, author of Gospel Formed

“This is the marriage book I’ve been waiting for. All that gobbledygook about make headship and women’s roles is just so confusing, so a lower bar is exactly what I needed. Armstrong does a fantastic job of keep things simple, even dumbing them down—which is perfect for husbands and wives alike. I think this should be a staple at every wedding shower. It really takes something beautiful and profound and makes it plain and simple.”

Barnabas Piper, author of Help My Unbelief

“Working in relationships is overrated, especially in marriage. The less you try at it, the better!  We’ve finally found someone to help us relax and do nothing. Thank you, Aaron Armstrong, for writing a compelling work that will surely resonate with many.”

Trillia Newbell, author of Fear and Faith

The Bar is Low is coming soon!

The Bar is Low will be released on on May 27th, just in time for my 10th wedding anniversary, of course. In the meantime, be sure to download your free preview—and be on the look out for news about some exciting bonuses when you pre-order your copy, including exclusive access to “Do Less, Get More,” my first-ever webinar!

Thanks for all your support!

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