Our cause for extraordinary hope


It’s not unusual for us to wonder about whether or not God really is at work in the world. When we experience trial and difficulty personally, and when we see terrible and tragic events unfold around us, it’s only natural for us do so.

But the good news is, whenever we ask this question, there is an answer. And that answer grounds us in an extraordinary hope. God is working miraculously to glorify Himself, and He is working providentially to glorify Himself. He is actively engaged at every single moment, using His flawed and sinful creations to “work all things work together for the good of those who love” Him (Rom. 8:28). He is moving history toward its intended conclusion: a new creation where we will enjoy His presence forevermore. He is giving new life to people like you and me through people like you and me as we share the gospel those God puts in our path. And because God is at work, we have all the reason in the world for hope. We know what is coming, and we know that nothing can stop it.

Note: this post is part of an informal, periodic series exploring different theological concepts for another project I’m working on. As such, application is going to be limited. Hopefully the knowledge will be helpful. 

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