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I need community


I pulled up to the church building last night. It was nearly 6 PM, just a few minutes before our small group was going to meet. Emily and the kids were already there, thanks to the Walker family. I got out of the car, feeling the weariness in my bones.

I’d been up since 4 AM, and spent nearly half of my waking hours in the car, driving to and from Knoxville. I was tired, though not particularly cranky (which is a good thing). My kids ran over and attached themselves to my legs, which put a smile on my face.¬†A short while later, we were all sitting around on a couch in the office, sharing our high and low points of the week, discussing a book we’re all reading, and more.¬†Lots of laughter, a bit of friendly ribbing, and some serious discussion ensued.

It was a good night.

On the drive back to Franklin, I wasn’t sure I’d make it to group.¬†The roads were not too hot for a good chunk of the drive, and at one point the Google Map was telling me I wouldn’t get home until well after 6.¬†But I got there, and I’m glad I did, because I needed to be there.

One of the things I think I took for granted in Canada. was having a number of friends always available. Emily and I both had people we could call up and vent to. And because we had that,¬†sometimes¬†small groups felt like an extra (though they weren’t).

But not here. They’re essential for us, in a different way than they were back home.

What’s important for me right now is not¬†a profound or deep discussion or Bible study (though I like both). That’s not why I needed to be there tonight. I needed to be there. I needed to be there¬†keep getting to know the people God has brought into our lives.¬†To continue to let¬†friendly relationships develop into real friendships.

I was there because, despite my comfort with being by myself for extended periods of time,¬†I need community.¬†I want community. And I’m looking forward to seeing how this new community God has brought us into will strengthen and shape me and my family.

Photo credit: Normand Desjardins Caf√©‚ÄĘMoka Personnel/Personal via photopin cc

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