Don’t fear the Holy Spirit, know him


That title itself probably sounds strange, doesn’t it? After all, why would someone fear the Holy Spirit? How could someone fear the third person of the Trinity?

Maybe “fear” is the wrong word. Maybe neglect knowing him is a better way to describe it. Or positively, we should seek to know him. I’ve been thinking about this again as I write something not-so-short elsewhere on the member of the Trinity who tends to avoid the spotlight. The Spirit illuminates our minds to the things of God. He is the active agent in regenerating our dead hearts. He is the one who indwells our living hearts and applies all Christ accomplished to us.

And yet, the fear, or the danger of neglect still exists. Whenever it comes, as it does whenever I write anything about him, I need this reminder from Martyn Lloyd-Jones:

You would all agree that to neglect or to ignore the doctrine about the Father would be a terrible thing. We would all agree that it is also a terrible thing to neglect the doctrine and the truth concerning the blessed eternal Son. Do we always realise that it is equally sinful to ignore or neglect the doctrine of the blessed Holy Spirit? If the doctrine of the Trinity is true—and it is true—then we are most culpable if in our thinking and in our doctrine we do not pay the same devotion and attention to the Holy Spirit as we do to the Son and to the Father. So whether we feel inclined to do so or not, it is our duty as biblical people, who believe the Scripture to be the divinely inspired word of God, to know what the Scripture teaches about the Spirit. And, furthermore, as it is the teaching of the Scripture that the Holy Spirit is the one who applied salvation, it is of the utmost practical importance that we should know the truth concerning Him.[1. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, God the Holy Spirit, 6]

If the Holy Spirit is God (and he is), then we can’t let fear hold us back from better understanding him as he is revealed in Scripture. Because he is God, seek to know him as well as we can, trusting him to make us more like Christ in the process.

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