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I'm a Christian—Now What, a book meant to be discussed with others.

Free Discussion Guide: Navigating the “Now What” Together

When you become a Christian, “Now what?” is the most natural question you can ask. There’s so much to figure out:

  • How is my life going to change?
  • What does it actually mean to have a relationship with God?
  • How does it affect my job and my relationships?
  • Does it change what I read, watch, and listen to?

I wrote Iʼm a Christian—Now What? to help new believers explore the big questions they’re asking. But like every book about our faith, it is not meant to be read in isolation. My nope is that new and more established Christians should read it together. That they will discuss and wrestle with its contents, and more importantly, what the BIble has to say.

That’s why I’m happy to share Navigating the “Now What” Together, a discussion guide to Iʼm a Christian—Now What? A Guide to Your New Life with Christ with you. Get the guide by clicking the button—no form required!

How to Use the Discussion Guide

I wrote the discussion guide to help new believers work through their questions with another Christian while reading the book together. This means, naturally, using it is pretty simple. There are 4–6 questions for every chapter, covering some of each chapter’s key points. But the goal isn’t for the book to be the center of the discussion; the questions are intentionally open-ended so that you can take the conversation any direction it needs to go. So whether you’re reading one-on-one with another Christian, or as part of a larger group, I hope both the book and the discussion are encouraging to you.

And, of course, if you haven’t already, order I’m a Christian—Now What? today anywhere you buy books, including Amazon, ChristianBook, and direct from the publisher.

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