In His Light You Shall See Light

In all your intercourse with the blessed Word, remember the same truth: abide in Jesus, your wisdom. Study much to know the written Word; but study more to know the living Word, in whom you are of God. Jesus, the wisdom of God, is only known by a life of implicit confidence and obedience. The words He speaks are spirit and life to those who live in Him. Therefore, each time you read, or hear, or meditate upon the Word, be careful to take up your true position. Realize first your oneness with Him who is the wisdom of God; know yourself to be under His direct and special training; go to the Word abiding in Him, the very fountain of divine light—in His light you shall see light.

Andrew Murray, Abide in Christ (Kindle Edition)

I’ve been chewing on these words for the last several days and considering how I read and study Scripture. Am I anticipating not simply knowing the written Word, but knowing Christ through it? Do I hear Him speak? Much of my study time of late has been devoted to working on the book I’m writing; and because it’s on a very specific topic, it’s easy to find myself focused on that and not necessarily “hearing” what God is trying to teach me through the passages I’m working through. I must remember that even in these times—perhaps especially in these times—He is speaking to me, so I must listen.

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