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Introducing aaronarmstrong.co

I started my first writing website back in 2009. I had been a Christian for just shy of four years at the time, and full of all kinds of ideas and opinions. Some of them were even helpful.

When I started, I was just trying to do two things: to learn to write well, and to process what I was reading in the Bible and other books. I was working as a marketing copywriter at a non-profit in Canada. I had no real aspirations to publish, speak, or do anything else. I was just writing, and people started reading.

Eventually, more writing opportunities came. Friendships and partnerships started to form. I got to hang out with some folks at different conferences. I was invited to come to Nashville to be a part of a product launch event. A book came along, followed by another. Then a documentary followed by another. Then a podcast and more books and a video series…

And now, nearly 13 years after I published my first blog post, I’m starting over again.

Why a new website?

So why start over? As my life has changed, I found that having a website that is first and foremost a blog doesn’t make sense. So the blog still remains as part of the site, but the new site is more of a proper home base for everything I do as an author, speaker, podcaster, and whatever else may come along.

So you’ll find all my books together in one easy place. You’ll find an up-to-date bio that includes some of my personal history in the faith (and a couple other things will be added in the near future). For those interested in having me speak at their church or event, a new speaker page is available.

Why are some articles gone?

I spent a significant amount of time this year going through and cleaning up content on the old site. In the end, I removed about 2700 posts. Most of it is material you wouldn’t care about. For the most part, I got rid of posts that were no longer relevant, either because they were time-specific or they relate to individuals I would no longer affirm. A few posts were ones that I’ll revisit and republish at a later time.

What can you expect going forward?

Every week I’ll be posting a new article on the blog. These articles will include reflections on Scripture and ministry, as well as personal and professional updates. A podcast is going to be starting soon as well. Whenever new books are ready for pre-order, you’ll see them highlighted on the home page, of course.

But at the end of the day, here’s what to expect: I’m still writing, and I’m going to keep writing until I have nothing more to say.

Hopefully you will still be reading.

Photo by Jennifer Bonauer on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Introducing aaronarmstrong.co”

  1. Hi Aaron. I imagine hundreds of Lifeway customers in the U.S. (like me) are just now finding out about your career move…since it’s the first session of TGP teaching tips to publish afterward. Best wishes and earnest prayers for this new time in your life. Thanks for all your help in the past as I studied TGP to share with my SS class. It was a pleasure to watch you grow as a presenter and teacher, from the time Trevin introduced you until God directed your steps to Thomas Nelson.

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