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My new book, Contend: Defending the Faith in a Fallen World, is now available from ! I thank God for the opportunity to write this book, which is the most important and personally challenging thing I’ve written to date.

With the various hats I wear—a parent, blogger, and author—I’ve felt the weight of Jude’s call to contend for the faith and the challenges we face in doing so with grace, humility and boldness. And sometimes it’s tempting to try to bury my head in the sand when a difficult subject comes up or when a personal situation requires me to stand out for the sake of Christ. But if you or I are to contend—to represent our faith honestly, showing mercy to those who doubt and those who have been deceived, we can’t afford to keep our heads down. Contending is the call of every Christian. This book is my effort to encourage you to see the seriousness of our duty and the delight we can have in executing it.

And I need your help spreading the word.

Cruciform Press and I are teaming up to host a blog tour for Contend from October 29-November 9. If you’ve got a blog and you’d like to receive a free digital copy of Contend in exchange for an honest review—positive or negative—all you’ve got to do is request it using this handy dandy form.

I will also be available for interviews about the book (and maybe the occasional guest post) throughout the tour.

Sign up for the Contend Blog Tour todayLooking forward to sharing your reviews!

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