Lies We Tell Ourselves About Marriage

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Every so often, I go through the archives of the blog and see what I’ve written. Often I find something that I’m shocked anyone actually took the time to read and share because it’s not that great (I think). But every once in a while I find something that I actually liked, despite some typos and maybe questionable wisdom in when I chose to write on a particular subject.

Last night, I found one of these; a series, in fact. “Three Lies We Tell Ourselves About Marriage,” looking at three common lies I struggled over the first few years of my marriage with Emily. Things I knew intellectually, but still found they were creeping up in my attitude:

While I don’t know that I would write these exactly the same way were I to do it again, I enjoyed going back and revisiting these, in part to see how the Lord has grown both Emily and I in the years since. Thankfully he has been extremely gracious, and given me a very patient wife who has helped me grow out of some of the silly attitudes and behaviors I allowed to creep in. And how he continues to be gracious as Emily patiently helps me grow out of my current silliness.

But I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was actually something valuable in them, maybe even something that would be helpful to one of you reading today. So, I hope you’ll check out the three posts in this five-year-old series.

Posted by Aaron Armstrong

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