My reminder of grace

Today is my daughter Hannah’s birthday. She is a super-sweet, silly, and amazing kid. We were in the car on Saturday and I let her choose what we’d listen to as we drove. Her answer? Bon Jovi. Why? Because “I imagine a sheep singing them about a girl who broke its heart when I listen.”

True story.

Hannah is fascinated by the world. She stops and smells the roses (literally). She finds grass fascinating. She experiences events in a way that is unique among all my kids. I never want her to lose these qualities. She brings much joy to our family, but there’s something else she is for me personally: a constant reminder of grace.

That’s why we named her Hannah Grace, in fact. About a year before Hannah was born, Emily had a miscarriage that very nearly resulted in her death. (This is not an exaggeration.) We were excited about this little person who we were going to meet. But we didn’t get the opportunity (although we hope to someday in the new creation). We grieved and slowly recovered. And around the time that we would have been meeting that child, we learned we were expecting Hannah.

A wonderful gift.

When we’re dealing with a difficult situation, she reminds me of my need for grace, even as I try to discipline in a way that reflects that. When she’s running out of her room at 6:30 am to give me a hug before I go to work, she reminds me of grace, encouraging me to follow her example in running toward our Father in heaven. She isn’t always an easy child to parent, but she is a wonderful gift. And I am grateful for her, this constant reminder of grace.

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