No, I won’t be live-blogging #T4G2016

T4G 2016: We are Protestant

Today, I’m hitting the road to Louisville for T4G 2016 to spend three days visiting with friends, learning from amazing preachers and teachers, and hopefully getting to enjoy at least one stop at Chick-Fil-A before heading back to Canada. (It’s the little things that make trips like this worth it…)

But one thing I won’t be doing this year? Live-blogging.

I took a break from live-blogging two years ago during T4G 2014. The pace is hectic, and the self-imposed pressure to capture everything doesn’t allow for serious reflection (at least not for me). Although I am a believer in the importance of hard work, if a conference is a semi-vacation for me, then it should feel a little more… vacationy, y’know?

Instead, here’s what you’ll probably see from me this year:

  1. At least one post highlighting a few key teaching moments from the event. One thing I loved about TGC 2015 was being able to sit back, and take a bunch of notes (because I always do that), but really consider the moments that stuck with me. (You can check those out here.) This is what I’m hoping to do again this year—take in the sessions that I can, write down what really matters to me, and think about what I’m going to do with it. Which is what we’re supposed to be doing at these things, isn’t it?
  2. Something focused on the personal moments from the week. For me, the most important part of these events is connecting with people who I normally only get to interact with via email or social media. They’re great folks who I honestly wish I could hang out with on a more consistent basis. Even the one that keeps calling me a commie. While I’m not sure there will be escapades like last year’s excursion to Disney, I’ve no doubt there will be something worth sharing.
  3. Something about the books that catch my eye. One of my favorite parts of these events is checking out the bookstore and talking to publishers about what’s new and noteable that’s coming out in the near future (or being premiered at the event). While I won’t guarantee it, it’s a safe bet you might see something related to the books that catch my attention, as well as some of the freebies that come home… or something on how I’m finding a good home for a bunch of books as soon as I get home.

And who knows? Maybe I’ll write about something controversial. Like music.

If you’re unable to attend, I hope you’ll take advantage of the livestream of the event. If you’re in Louisville, though, and you see me around the bookstore(s) or milling about the exhibitor booths, come over and say hi. I’d love to meet you.

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