The cover of I'm a Christian—Now What?

I’m a Christian—Now What?

New Christians have a lot of questions. They might not even know which ones to ask. Aaron Armstrong shares his experience as an adult convert to offer practical and friendly encouragement to new believers—and the seasoned Christians who want to disciple them—as they take their important first steps with Jesus.

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Where to begin when you’ve begun with Christ

If you are a new Christian, you are on a new path. But where are you going and how do you get there? As an adult convert, Aaron Armstrong had to face these questions himself. In I’m a Christian—Now What? A Guide to Your New Life with Christ, Aaron helps you take those important first steps, including:

  • How do you read the Bible and pray
  • How to disagree with other Christians
  • How to think about your favorite TV show
  • How to rethink sex and marriage

You probably have a lot of questions. You might not even know which questions to ask. This practical and friendly book helps make sense of your new life with Jesus. It ends with suggestions for how you can take the next step by helping other new Christians. I’m a Christian—Now What? is a perfect handbook for new believers and those who want to disciple them.

What are people saying about
I’m a Christian—Now What?

“This is the book I wish someone had handed to me years ago when I sat curled up alone in the fetal position on the floor of my tiny dorm room, blinking through tears, far from home yet closer to Home than I had ever been before.… This always-timely book is seriously funny and amusingly profound! With searing honesty leading to hard-won wisdom, Armstrong has penned a must-read for all seekers of the meaning of life, and even more of a must-read for those who discover this meaning and seek to earnestly live by it.”

Carolyn Weber

“This book is easy-to-understand—and yet nowhere dumbed-down—counsel that will help new Christians answer their questions and to figure out what questions to ask next.”

Russell Moore

“My friend Aaron knows firsthand what it’s like to be an adult convert to Christianity. He writes with simplicity, transparency, humor, and humility, outlining essential wisdom for this stage of the journey. I can’t think of a better book to give a new follower of Jesus. After the Bible, it’s the best book for new adult Christians that I know of.”

Eric Schumacher

“I can relate to Aaron’s story. While I am now in full-time Christian ministry, I was not raised in a Christian home. I resonate with the humor and candor in this book, and so appreciate the simplicity of how Aaron elaborates on our new life in Christ. He dives deep, but in a way that is readable and accessible to all. This book will be a welcome and helpful companion to any new adult follower of Jesus.”

Jen Oshman

Also endorsed by Darryl Dash, Daniel Darling, Trevin Wax, Russ Ramsey, Glenna Marshall, Katie Orr, Ronnie Martin, Eric Geiger, and Chris Martin.

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