On bombs and Boston


Yesterday afternoon two bombs went off near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Dozens were injured and at least three people were killed—including an eight-year-old boy.

When we learned of the event at work, we were shocked. Two of my co-workers were in Boston just a few days prior to this event. One co-worker had a family member running in the Boston Marathon that day.

For a moment there was silence.

Sometimes that’s the best response to tragedy.

When the silence ends, it’s tempting to start asking questions:

Who did this? How do we respond? What should we do now?

As of this writing, no one has claimed responsibility for the bombing. Someone may eventually claim responsibility. Some may try to use the event as an opportunity to push a particular agenda.

That includes Christians who like to say things like “This is God’s judgment on America’s sin.”

If there’s any “agenda” for Christians to put forward, maybe it’s this:

There will be a day when eight-year-olds won’t die in explosions. There will be a day when people won’t set off bombs in America or any nation in the world.

There will be a day when we don’t have to wonder “why”—and a day when all our tears will be wiped away.

But today’s not that day.

Today we still live in a world where evil exists; where sin runs rampant and people die.

Christian, don’t offer answers right now. Weep with those who weep. Mourn with those who mourn.

But don’t forget the promise of the one who wipes away every tear from every eye and has promised, “Surely, I am coming soon!”

And whenever we are confronted with evil like the events in Boston, our prayer should be the same as the Apostle John’s:

Come, Lord Jesus.

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    (inspired by the Boston bombing)

    THEN – Puritans, following God’s laws,
    start the greatest nation ever.

    NOW – Impure-itans, perverting God’s laws,
    lead in destroying the greatest nation ever.

    (For more hechos, Google “God to
    Same-Sexers: Hurry Up”

  3. My greatest frustration in the face of things like this is when people use it as a platform to push agendas. “This wouldn’t happen if we had guns” or “this happened because we have guns”. It’s not the time, and it’s most certainly not the place to argue those things.

    thanks for this Aaron…you’ve clearly expressed my exact sentiments.

  4. “Christian, don’t offer answers right now. Weep with those who weep. Mourn with those who mourn.” Thanks for the reminder to not offer quick answers, but to weep and comfort those involved.

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