Online reading groups, platform-building, and pronouncing “against”

The Internet taught us something new: We’re missing out on some huge opportunities with online book clubs, courses, and whatnot. So we’re getting our thinking caps on as we workshop some ideas for the whatnot, and bring Dave’s daughter along for the ride.

Listen in as we discuss:

  • How does someone become an expert in anything?
  • What online course should we each create?
  • What books will you pay to be a part of online reading group to read with us?
  • What books would be part of a heresy 101-type book club?
  • How do you pronounce “against”?

And just for fun, we’re going to start a new challenge: We’re going to read a Nicholas Sparks book together—The Notebook—and we want you to join us! Hit us up on Twitter at @malcontentspod if you’re in.

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A few of the non-trash books we mentioned in this episode:

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