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Organizing Bookshelves, Positive Boosts in Book Sales, & Purely Hypothetical Publishing Decisions

Just as the end of the year brings with it scores of end-of-year book lists, so too does it bring a bevy of plans for how to make this next year the best year ever! Whether it’s choosing a theme word (something I’m pretty sure none of us on this show has done), planning to read the Bible 37 times in a year, or reading 1,000,000 books, we often come up with goals and plans that are entirely unrealistic, and suck the joy out of life. So we thought we’d talk about plans that can make us happier, healthier readers.

Listen in as we discuss:

  • What we’re thinking about in terms of how we want to be reading in 2021
  • How many books Scarlet’s going to read this coming year
  • The problem with Goodreads’ Reading Challenge, despite us all using it
  • The next big shared reading plan for the three of us

A few of the books we mentioned on this episode

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