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Prime Day Deals I Like (and Use)

I’ve been a bit lax on updating the blog of late, largely because of work constraints and writing five books in four years. But even so, I wanted to actually share some things that I thought were pretty rad that I’ve seen in Amazon’s Prime Day sale. Although I went looking for different options for resources to help you grow in your faith, there really weren’t any to speak of. So, this list is entirely comprised of items I like (and, with rare exception, own and use).

Amazon Echo Devices

Since we moved into the house at the end of December, we’ve been slowly embracing the “smart home” experience. Just about everything is wifi enabled, which is great but also weird (more on that another time). I also inherited a love of good audio systems from my dad, but since I’m not going to go the vinyl route, I need to look at good options for sound quality, especially if I’m going to stick with digital audio. I’ve got an Echo Dot that came with the house in the kitchen, which sounds about as good as a mono speaker can (which is to say, it’s fine). I recently bought the full-sized Echo (4th Gen) in my office and it’s great. Considering its size and price, I’ve been really impressed with the sound quality—so much so that I just bought a second one, along with an Echo Studio to try out.

Home Networking

Before we moved into the house, I also upgraded our home network to a mesh system. The one I went with, after watching far too many review and comparison videos, was the Eero 6 system. It’s reliable, secure and easily expandable.

Appliances for Healthier Eating

Those of you who follow me on Instagram and Facebook know that I’ve been lost a lot of weight recently. To help with that, there are some tools that I have in the house that are super-helpful. One is my smoothie blender, which I use just about every day to make my breakfast. The other is my air fryer, which has been lovely. Super-easy to use, and the food I make in it consistently turns out great. The exact appliances I have aren’t on sale, but these ones are pretty great:

There are, of course, lots of other items in every major category, but these are a few of the ones available I use on a regular basis. You can see all the deals that are still available here.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small amount of compensation when you purchase through them. This helps me pay for the fees associated with the blog. Thanks!

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