Sleeping on a table

Random bits of randomness (a post-conference meditation)

Sleeping on a table

This weekend was a busy one, with ERLC, my in-laws being in town, and more. I’m still in hardcore conference recovery mode, which generally means I’m crazy tired, a bit grumpy (but trying to hide it), and, also, really tired. (So, if any of my coworkers are reading this, sorry, eh.)

On writing

This probably means it’s not a great weekend for doing some writing, but it’s what I’ve been doing. I like writing. it’s fun for me. And the good news is I really like what I’ve written, which deals with the incommunicable attributes of God.[1. There may or may not be something to announce in the near future. I’ll keep y’all posted.] Here’s a little snippet:

God’s infinite power, knowledge, and presence, are awe-inspiring, and made even moreso by His unchanging nature. God He doesn’t change who He is, ever. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. We can count on God being God, no matter what. He is so much better than the gods of mythology and the religions of the world. He is unlike any of them—all these “gods” who are a little too much like us. He isn’t fickle like Zeus. He isn’t petty like Thor. He isn’t a trickster like Loki. He isn’t a liar, a lothario, a thief, or a fraud. God is God, and there is no one and nothing like Him.


And then there’s Houston and the unprecedented flooding that’s happening throughout the area. My friend Jeff wrote something really helpful on this that I’d encourage reading. Just as importantly, let’s all be praying for affected residents (which seems to be just about everyone), the rescue and recovery teams, and that this would be an opportunity for Jesus to be glorified in the actions of his people. And if you’re so inclined, consider giving to NAMB’s Hurricane Harvey relief fund to help the relief and recovery efforts.


Finally, my in-laws were visiting this weekend, which allowed Emily to attend the ERLC conference (which was amazing of them!). We had some great conversations throughout the day, despite me being fairly out of it. They also came to church with us, which is a huge deal for us (they’re not Christians). We heard a strong message about the new-not-new command in 1 John, the command to love one another. Lots that I’m processing, but it led to an interesting conversation with my mother-in-law about harboring hatred against a brother. Praying we’ll get to see what God’s up to!

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