Reading Writers: Joey Shaw, All Authority and taking notes

Reading Writers featuring Joey Shaw, the author of All Authority

Welcome to the fourth episode of Reading Writers. Each week, I’ll be speaking with Christian authors and writers about what they’re writing, but also about what they’re reading—and how reading widely can help us grow as believers, as creators and disciple-makers.

What you’ll hear in this episode

This week, I’m joined by Joey Shaw, author of All Authority: How the Authority of Christ Upholds the Great CommissionJoey is the International Field Office Director for the Austin Stone Community Church, living with his family outside the United States to serve unreached peoples and bring the hope of Christ. Listen in as we discuss:

  • The (maybe not so) surprising fact that motivates Joey as a missionary;
  • How he uses Evernote to process what he’s reading;
  • The life-changing power of thoughtfully and slowly reading John Owen; and
  • What happened when he felt he should speak up and magnify God at a high school dance.

Books and resources mentioned in this episode

You can also follow Joey on Twitter at @Joey_Shaw_SDG.

Who will be on the next episode of Reading Writers?

Next week, I’ll be joined by Stephen Miller to discuss his new book, Liberating King, what we mean when we talk about worship and consuming audiobooks as reading. It’s a fun one!

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