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Reading Writers: Brandon Smith, J.A. Medders, & 100 Deadly Skills

Reading Writers Podcast

It’s finally here: episode one of Reading Writers is now live!

Each week, I’ll be speaking with Christian authors and writers about what they’re writing, but also about what they’re reading—and how reading widely can help us grow as believers, as creators and disciple-makers.

What you’ll hear in this episode

This week, I’m joined by Brandon Smith and J.A. Medders, authors of the new book, Rooted: Theology for Growing Christians. During our discussion, we talk about:

  • Why we can’t leave theology to the (professional) theologians;
  • The good news about eschatology;
  • Brandon’s first and most important reading rule, and why he likes reading sports biographies;
  • The sentences and paragraphs that have shaped us;
  • Brandon slamming Canadians (at least this one); and
  • What Jeff’s learning as he reads 100 Deadly Skills.

Resources and links from this episode

Who will be on the next episode of Reading Writers?

Next week, I’ll be joined by Tim Challies, to talk about his brand-new book, Visual Theology, reading challenges and what he really thinks of graphic novels. There are some fightin’ words in this one, so look for a new feud to start soon.

Sponsoring Reading Writers

If you work for a publisher or Christian ministry and are interested in sponsoring a future episode of Reading Writers, let’s chat. Send me a note and we’ll get started.

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Thanks for listening to this week’s episode of Reading Writers!

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