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There are certain books so good they can only be described as transcendent. Others are cultural phenomena, but are best described as… well, you’ll find out as we discuss The Notebook.

That’s right—all three of us have finally (mostly) read this book, and today, Barnabas, Dave, and I are talking about our experience in the most PG-12 episode of the show yet. Listen in as we discuss:

  • Why Nicholas Sparks is one of the worst famous writers any of us have ever read
  • What the movie would be like if Ryan Gosling’s and Rachel McAdams’ characters were played by ordinary looking actors instead of beautiful ones
  • If we should read books with good romance
  • The unhealthy expectations books like The Notebook create about relationships, marriage and sex
  • Our dramatic readings of random passages of the book
  • A better phrase than “dumpster fire”

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Today’s bonus content and challenge:

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A few of the books we mention on this episode:

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