“A story has to be true to be beautiful and good”

Recently, the team was in Birmingham for a certain work-related event. Because we needed a break from what we were doing for our work-jobs, we decided to record a couple of episodes of the show… and it just so happens that an author Barnabas and I enjoy was in town and able to join us on the show. This week we’re joined by K.B. Hoyle, author of The Gateway Chronicles and The Breeder Cycle, to chat storytelling, writing middle-grade fiction, and being a Christian who writes for the general market. Listen in as we discuss:

  • The difference between the practice of storytelling and the practice of writing
  • The contradiction of figuring out what books are exactly like—and nothing like—the one you’re writing
  • Why writers should always tell true things about the world
  • If “binge” culture has hurt our reading experience
  • Why you can’t market a book into being a phenomenon
  • Why J.K. Rowling hasn’t had a book resonate the way Harry Potter did
  • To do when your publisher closes its doors before you finish a series
  • What a publisher’s feedback really means when they reject your manuscript

As always, thanks to Lagares Roasters for partnering with us to make the Table of (mal)Contents blend. Pick up a bag (or 12) today.

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As for the books we discussed this week, be sure to check out all of K. B. Hoyle’s books:

The Gateway Chronicles:

The Breeder Cycle:

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