The Death of the Mushy Middle

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3 thoughts on “The Death of the Mushy Middle”

  1. I especially liked this quote (something like) “A place where everybody is supposed to be a Christian, that’s deadly for spiritual vitality.” My friends in Amsterdam, where nominal Christianity died long ago, run into so many people who are seeking and interested, without the messy middle part of expectations/doing what they’re supposed to do. It’s very freeing.

    1. Here in Canada, there’s not nearly as much of the “mushy middle” as there is perhaps in the US, although it still exists. But it’s definitely exciting in some ways to see how people react even here when it really seems like you’re serious about your faith.

    2. I think the quote is good too, but I would add an exception. At Christian colleges in America, everybody is suppose to be Christian, and in my experience most were. Of course, people had a choice about attending this institution, but its Christian base was not only not deadly for spiritual vitality, it in fact increased it.

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