Theology is (not) for the proud


One of the common straw man arguments I’ve seen come up again and again is about the arrogance of theology. That to try to understand God is to put him in a box. To which I typically say… ‘kay.

That’s probably pretty arrogant of me, but there it is.

On Sunday night, I was at our church’s theology discussion group, where we’re going through Frame’s Systematic Theology. Every time I read a page from this book (which is so dense I can’t even keep up with David’s fairly easy reading schedule), first my reaction isn’t, “Man, this dude is smart” (although he is). It’s, “this is a humble man.” Over and over again in this book, Frame positions himself not as an expert who’s got everything figured out, but as one who is, at best, has a little bit of insight. A man who is as ready to say, “I don’t know,” as he is to say, “This is what Scripture seems to say.”

When I think of theology, that’s what I think of. I don’t think of pride. Theology is a beautiful, God-glorifying study and pursuit. It is what we are all called to; to seek to know the Lord. It is too grand a thing for something so petty as pride.

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