What I’m reading over my vacation

So, it finally happened: I’m taking a vacation (ish). It’s Thanksgiving week here in America land, so I thought I’d celebrate by taking an extra day off and having a 5 day weekend. This means that, along with meal prep that I’ll be doing on Thursday and Friday, I get some time to chill out and read. So what am I reading?

Virgil Wander by Leif Enger. I’m about half done this book and I am absolutely loving it. What specifically? Enger’s use of language, and that he created compelling characters that have a very “real” feel if you follow. Plot-wise, it’s much more a glimpse into the ongoing life of a hard luck midwestern town than anything else (no spectacular inciting incident, unless you count the opening scene), which is actually what makes it so appealing. Basically, I want to learn to write like that when I grow up.

Am I reading anything else? If it get through Virgil Wander (which realistically may happen today as you’re reading this), I’ll probably keep plugging away at Insanely Simple by Ken Segall, maybe dig into On Reading Well by Karen Swallow Prior, and play around a little more with Logos 8 (which I’ll be sharing some thoughts on next week). 

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