What’s On Your To-Read Pile?

Here’s a look at some on mine… or rather, it would be but unfortunately I used an image that no longer exists rather than listing everything out. C’est la vie.

Posted by Aaron Armstrong

Aaron is the author of several books for adults and children, as well as multiple documentaries and Bible studies. His latest book, I'm a Christian—Now What?: A Guide to Your New Life with Christ is available now.

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  1. I’m reading “Almost Christian” by Kenda Creasy Dean and “How the Gospel Brings Us All the Way Home” by Derek Thomas right now.

  2. Side note, I forgot to include “Radical Together” by David Platt in this photo; I started it this afternoon and it’s very challenging. The Greener Grass Conspiracy was excellent. Look for a review this week.

  3. You folks all have excellent reading choices

  4. Currently reading “After You Believe” by N. T. Wright and “Back to Darwin” edited by John B. Cobb Jr.

    To read list: “Darwin and the Divine” by Alister McGrath, “The End of the World and the Ends of God” edited by John Polkinghorne and Michael Welker, “The Work of Love: Creation as Kenosis” edited by John Polkinghorne, “Evangelicals & Scripture” edited by Vincent Bacote et al, “Four Views on Divine Providence” and “Divine Foreknowledge: Four Views.”

  5. Currently reading:
    Crazy Love by Francis Chan

    Started, but needing to finish:
    Preachers Portrait by John Stott
    I Believe in Preaching by John Stott
    Desiring God by John Piper

    To Read:
    Don’t Call it a Comeback ed. Kevin de Young (thanks to you! 🙂 )
    Launching Missional Communities by Mike Breen and Walt Kallestad
    Essential Works of Andrew Murray
    Spiritual Parenting by CH Spurgeon

    And let’s not get started on books I want to re-read….

  6. In no particular order:
    John Piper: 50 reasons jesus came to die and seeing and savoring jesus christ
    C.s. lewis: surprised by joy, problem of pain
    N.t. wright: surprised by hope, after you believe
    Tullian tchvidjian: surprised by grace. (Looks like I’m in for a lot of surprises…)
    Tim keller: age of reason

    And then there’s always the literature that I want to read…

  7. “The Duties of Parents” by J.C. Ryle; “Olney Hymns” by John Newton and William Cowper, “Sticky Teams” by Larry Osborne, and “Margin: Restoring Emotional, Physical, Financial, and Time Reserves to Overloaded Lives” by Richard Swenson.

    1. What’s your take on Sticky Teams and Margin?

      1. I love Sticky Teams! Heard several people recommend it including Matt Chandler. We are doing to have our entire Church leadership team read it and wrestle through the questions in the back.

        1. This is good to know. I suspect I should probably be reading this book

  8. Now I feel like none of my extracurricular activities are good enough. (Movie quote you won’t get.) I’m reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society, the complete Miss Marple short stories, Just So Stories (Rudyard Kipling), Relentless Hope, Future Impact and Enchantment (on hold at library).

    1. Oh, I forgot the whole point of me commenting: I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Chesterton biography.

      1. I’ve had to start it twice now; both times I picked it up I couldn’t get into it. I’m hoping the third time will be the charm, especially since I do enjoy me some Chesterton.

    2. You’re right, I didn’t get the quote. I did look for it on Google though. Was it Legally Blonde?

      1. No, no, no. Clueless. My quotes are always from Clueless.

        1. See, that’s why I don’t get it. I have never seen Clueless. Now if it was a Star Wars reference, I’d probably get it.

      2. No, no, no. Clueless. My quotes are always from Clueless.

  9. A God Who is There – Carson, Spiritual Rhythm – Mark Buchanan (I’m almost done, this is a rich diet of theology and words), St. Patrick – biography in Thomas Nelsons’ series – Christ-Centered Preaching – Chappell, Reverberation – Jonathan Leeman, Tempted and Tried – Russell Moore

    1. Great list – I am still kicking myself for not picking up Tempted & Tried and The God Who Is There at TGC. Might mean a trip to Grand Rapids is in order 🙂

  10. Currently reading “Slave” by MacArthur, “Breaking the Missional Code” by Stetzer & Putman, and “Activate: An Entirely New Approach to Small Groups” by Searcy.

    To read list: “Learning Theology With the Church Fathers” by Christopher A. Hall, “Desiring God” by Piper, “Living in God’s Two Kingdoms” by VanDrunen

  11. Enchantment, AND, Becoming a God Magnet, Better Than Good, 100 Ways to Motivate Others, Secrets of Closing the Sale, Selling 101, The Love Dare, Getting Things Done, Time Tactics of Very Successful People, Taking Jesus to Work, Innovation on Demand, Too Small to Ignore, Axiom, The Prodigal God, Parenting from Surviving to Thriving, Boundaries With Kids, The New Dare to Discipline, Rails for Java Developers, Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X and Sitepoint Ruby on Rails.
    At least, those are the ones on my shelf waiting to be read. There’s several more in my Amazon wish list…

    1. Your reading is incredibly varied, Steve. This is good 🙂

  12. Top of my list right now is King’s Cross – have you read it? Maybe I’m falling behind 🙂

    1. Haven’t read it yet. I want to, though.

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