What’s On Your To-Read Pile?

Here’s a look at a few things I’m reading right now:

What are you reading this weekend?

Posted by Aaron Armstrong

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7 Replies to “What’s On Your To-Read Pile?”

  1. This weekend is something old…something new:
    I started Paul Tripp’s Forever
    Also picked up Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment again.

  2. I will try to read Gospel Wakefulness by Jared Wilson this weekend. (I started it yesterday)

  3. Gospel Wakefulness by Jared Wilson
    The Art of Curating Worship by Mark Pierson
    Gospel Powered Parenting by William Farley
    Jesus+Nothing=Everything by Tchividjian

  4. Just finished Earthen Vessels and King Solomon. Now I’m well into Bloodlines. I’ve also got Jonathan Edwards bio by George Marsden and two novels. 

  5. Earthen Vessels is my 3rd book in line to read after “The Children of Divorce” and “Shapers of Christian Orthodoxy”.

  6. In putting together a Doctrine of God class for my church using various Systematics Theologies (Grudem, Berkhof, Bavinck, etc.), at the request of my SysTheo professor, I decided to cut my current reading list down to one book:

    Knowing God by J.I. Packer. I should be able to finish it by the end of the weekend.

  7. I’m plowing through Is There a Meaning in this Text by  Kevin Vanhoozer…interesting read!

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