Worshipping with the Preached Word


It’s amazing to see how worship in our church flows out of the preached Word.

At Harvest London, the leadership and the people really love the Bible. There is a real hunger, a desire to hear the Bible preached. It’s amazing to, week after week,¬†see roughly 600 people truly engage with the text of Scripture as Pastor Norm preaches with power and conviction.¬†There is¬†a¬†tangible love for the Word as he preaches that is infectious. It’s exciting to see how it affects people.

After this Sunday’s service, I was serving at our book table (a natural fit if there ever was). While there, I had some great opportunities¬†to encourage people¬†in their reading, and I even got to¬†give two¬†college-aged young ladies their first Bible, ever.¬†It might be a small thing, but it’s a great privilege¬†to be a part of that.

And to see how Emily has been affected has been just as exciting. There is a¬†boldness that I see growing in her that I absolutely love, where she’s¬†“informally”¬†ministering to¬†people in our congregation and outside of it, striking up potential friendships with new women, talking with them, praying with them… She’s¬†even taking advantage of an opportunity to share the gospel‚ÄĒwith someone she met only briefly downtown on Sunday afternoon.

Perhaps these seem like small things, but I see a deep love for Christ in our church‚ÄĒand a passion for others to know Him and follow Him.

And it’s all flowing out of the preached Word.

It is powerful.

It is effective.

It’s exciting.

It’s worship.

I love it.

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